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The days they are a shortening

August has nearly gone and the fruits of Autumn are here already. Blackberries, sloes and hazelnuts seem to be in abundance this year and we've picked our early apples. The one in the photo is a variety called Cheddar Cross, a medium sized dessert apple created by Long Ashton Research Station in Bristol in 1916.

The cuckoo lamb and his ewe are living in the garden at moment until she's fattened up a bit, which makes hanging out the washing more interesting. At least there is plenty of grass now and the rest of the sheep have been moved across the river at last. Look out for them on TV when the Tour of Britain cycle race whizzes past our farm in September. Hopefully they won't decide to get out on to the road that day.

The warblers have all gone quiet now, with many already on their migration home. The young buzzards are constantly calling though and, just lately, there has been a small group of ravens being very vocal and performing acrobatics over the woodlands opposite us. Haven't seen or heard any badgers lately so not sure if they have been culled, but did spot a red deer and her calf in the sheep field, which is always nice to see.

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