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New Mills Farm

New Mills Farm is nestled in a quiet valley in North Devon, close to the historic town of Barnstaple. Surrounded by woodland, our flock of multicoloured Shetland sheep often share their pastures with deer, whilst buzzards soar overhead and kingfishers flash along the River Yeo.


Later in the day tawny owls may call out to each other as badgers forage amongst the flock and otters chase the brown trout through the clear river water.

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West Country Wool


When our first sheep arrived on the farm they had already been shorn and so to get our business up and running we bought some locally sourced raw fleeces. We took these to a West Country woollen mill to get processed into pure Devon wool knitting yarns. This was the start of our West Country Wool brand which has grown to include a range of yarns with natural fleece colours and yarns dyed with natural mineral dyes. All our knitting yarns are made from our own or locally sourced fleeces.

As we regularly see kingfishers darting up and down the river we have chosen one for our wool's brand logo.

Of course, you can buy our West Country Wool right here.

Organic Wool?

Well, it's not 'Organic', but we'd say it's at least as good.


We love the natural world and do our best to encourage it at New Mills Farm and hope when the time comes to leave, the farm's flora and fauna will be all the richer for our efforts, see our Farm Wildlife page.


Although not registered as Organic we believe in the minimum input and higher animal welfare principles that make the tenant of Organic.

All of our coloured wool yarns are dyed with the same natural mineral dyes that the mill uses for its organic wool.

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