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Waiting for the beast

The so-called 'Beast from the East' is yet to make a full appearance at New Mills Farm. All we've had is a bit of light snow and some cold winds, not too unusual for winter. The only problem is keeping the water in liquid form in the poultry pen, resulting in several trips up the field during the day to smash the ice. We don't need to worry about the sheep as they have easy access to the river.

The higher ground on Exmoor is another matter. Tried to get to a feed supplier yesterday but had to admit defeat when the road was blocked by other vehicles. Helped push one lady out of a drift then decided to retreat before conditions got any worse. A police land rover had turned up by the time I left.



The ivy covered trees in the woods behind the house have been full of fieldfares, and these have been joined in the fields by lapwings, redwings, and starlings, all making the most of the snow-free areas.

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